All are welcome

Anyone is entitled to attend any of our services and be involved in the activities of the Church.  A regular attender with us gains a sense of belonging, support and encouragement from being one of God’s family.

 Church membership is much more than this: 

1. Membership says, ‘I belong here,’ and God says that believers belong together. (Heb.10: 23-25)
You sense that God wants you here with the people of Hoddesdon Baptist Church at this time in your Christian life, and you want to make a public declaration that you are committed to God’s work through this church. 

2. Membership says, ‘We are made to work together and we need each other if the church is to grow in love’ (Eph.4: 16)
You believe that God has a work to do in Hoddesdon, and around the world, and you’re willing to join with others to see that it gets done.

3. Membership says, ‘I accept responsibility for the good of my fellow believers in the family of God,’ and that is God’s plan as well. (Gal. 6:1-2,10)
You want to be part of a caring network of people, sharing one another’s sorrows and joys and helping one another grow through our shared worship, Bible study, and fellowship.

4. Membership says, ‘I accept the advice and correction of mature brothers and sisters in Christ for my walk with God, and will ask fellow members for help with problems; God warns against becoming spiritually isolated. (Heb.13: 17; Matt.18: 15-20)
You don’t want to go it alone in standing for Jesus Christ, and want to receive the guidance, equipping, and assistance necessary to remain on target. 

5. Membership says, ‘God has made us so that we are all needed here in our different ways, and we all have some responsibility for the church and what is done.  (1Cor.12: 20-27) 

Therefore, as a Church Member, you will be committed to:

1. Hoddesdon Baptist Church as a local expression of the worldwide church.

2. Regular attendance on Sundays and being an active part of the church family during the week.

3. Discovering and using the gifts God has given you.

4. Supporting the church financially.

5. Attendance at Church Meetings.

6. Regular personal prayer and Bible reading.

7. Sharing your faith.

8. Living a life consistent with faith in Christ.

9. Being part of the wider mission of the church to those without faith.


As a Church Member you will be responsible for:

  • Approving elders, appointing deacons and other church officers, approving an annual budget, and calling pastors to serve as our spiritual leaders. 
  • Every member contributes in shaping the Church’s direction and ministry goals; and the members’ meeting ensures that such decisions are made according to the Church’s Articles of Faith. 

As a Church Member you will usually have already been baptised by immersion:
Church Membership at Hoddesdon Baptist Church is linked with baptism.